Reggie Smith Hosts Baseball Clinic

By Gwen Azar  |  May 23, 2016  |  Featured News

Reggie Smith logoThe Delta Soul event and Reggie Smith, 7-time All Star and Gold Glove winner, are teaming up to host a baseball clinic June 9th for area aspiring baseball players in the Greenville Area.

Youth baseball players ages 9 and older in the Greenville and surrounding areas will have a chance to learn some fundamentals, and more, from Smith at the clinic which will be June 9 from 8am-noon at Legion Field at the Delta Sportsplex, located at 1040 South Raceway Road in Greenville.  Registration begins at 7:30am.  The clinic will be $10 per person and all proceeds benefit the Delta Sportsplex.  For more information please contact Jeffrey Giachelli at 662-822-6836.

Smith will also be stopping by the St. Joseph School’s Mini Baseball camp June 8th to visit with the young campers ages 5-12. For more information and to register for this 4 day camp, please contact Missy Blackstock or 662-378-9711.  

Excerpts from article in the Delta Democrat Times
Taylor Mitchell

Reggie Smith knows a thing or two about making it to the big leagues. He played in the MLB for 17 years and has stayed with the sport since he retired in a variety of ways.

There’s one thing Smith says is paramount to becoming a great baseball player: fundamentals.

“It’s like the fundamentals you get in education,” Smith said. “To learn to read, first your learn the letters. In math, you learn what numbers are and how to add and subtract them. In all sports, you have to learn the basic things that you’ll need to execute at any given time. Then you learn the rules and then you learn the strategy. All of those things come from learning the basic fundamentals of baseball.”

“It’s to give back and provide some information to the young and aspiring athletes in the area,” Smith said. “Having spent over 50 years in professional baseball, in one form or the other, it’s an opportunity for me to share information that may one day be used to get into college, get an education and, if they’re fortunate enough, to go into the pros.”

The camp will focus on the basics of baseball: fielding, throwing and hitting. It’ll also help promote the game of baseball, trying to bring in new players.

But Smith will also be teaching life lessons and helping shape future athletes.

“He has a great soul in him that relates well to any age group and he’s made it his mission to help future generals of athletes,” Steve Azar, a longtime friend of Smith, said. “He’s truly one of the greatest men I’ve met in my life. He’s just doing this out of the goodness of his heart.”

Azar’s foundation, the Steve Azar St. Cecilia Foundation, will be hosting its annual Delta Soul Celebrity Golf and Charity event that same weekend (June 9-11). Smith has been a longtime participant in the annual golf tournament and now they’re teaming up to help out young athletes.

“Our foundation is about the arts, and there aren’t many sounds that are better than a basketball swoosh through the net,” Azar said. “We just want to create some awareness for the (Delta) sportsplex. Sports and arts play a significant role in helping our future children become well-rounded individuals.”

While the baseball clinic will be about teaching, the annual golf tournament is about coming together and having fun.

“Golf is a sport that can ring everyone together,” Azar said. “The celebrities we bring in are very personable and have a great reputation.”

“It’s a lot of fun mixing sports and music,” Azar said. “One time we had 30 Grammys on the stage. That’s just as cool as it gets.”


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